Thursday, November 20, 2008

Summary of Morven

We had a fantastic time at Morven! I have so much to write that it's literally taking forever, but I hope to have a more detailed account of the whole event up ASAP. However, as a summary: We really did have an absolute blast. All of the technical stuff went well, the jogs were scary at first, but nevertheless fun, I was much too nervous for dressage and went off course, and was so tense that I forgot how to ride. Roads and tracks, steeplechase and cross country were absolutely amazing. We had a stop at the half keyhole on course, but the rest of the course went very well and I was elated at the end of the day. We pulled two rails in stadium, but ended up in 10th place! I wish that there were more long format events. We truly did have the best time of our eventing careers and no horse trial can come close to comparing to the long format.

Will hopefully get the entry with all of the details up soon!

We are working on getting videos up from Morven and so far only have one. This is of the first combination on course. I could have ridden much better after the drop, and Octavian was wonderful to take us to the chevrons!